The briskness of LAN MY WORLD [Ah Lan] in LIFE.: Those sweet days - Chapter 2

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Those sweet days - Chapter 2

Sorry guys for the previous chapter , i know it was too short to be considered as a chapter.
Frustrated, she glared at me with her furtive eye and kept quiet.Ever since,we hardly talk to each other,but on the other hand im getting closer to her best fren,EL and that the time when everything starting to turn around...Wait..I almost forgotten to tell u that "hollier than thou" gurl name and how i met her and why i say things starting to turn around....

PS:im sorry,this is my first time telling it isnt surprise to see me screw up :D

11 January 2001,first day in a secondary school.............

Scare,shy,feeling eccentric,i was walking towards my very own class form 1 class "jujur"= honest.I got a feeling of being left out as soon i stepped into the class,EVERYONE IS CONVERSING IN ENGLISH!!!Luckily,there was another chinaman just like me sat at the back of the class all by himself.Feeling shy, i looked down as i walk towards that chinaman.

"Hey, my name is AH LAN,wat ur one ar?"

"Oh,my name is Ah hai"

"Leng! u came from the chinese school also ar?"

"Yalor, u noe wat they kong kan ar?"He pointed at a group of people at the front row as he talks

"Ngoh dunno woh,y ar?"

"Mou SI lar.."

That was how our conversation ended,somehow it gave me the guts to approach to tat group of people.It was good,i managed to crack a few jokes even thought my english was kinda fucked up at that time,I assumed they understand coz they laughed paroxysmly. Maybe not,I think most likely they were laughing at my fucked up english,things were good untill..............

A sohai who infront of me were rocking his chair and accidentaly fell down....that muthafucker thought i was the who pulled his chair and gave me a punch at my chest without clarifying the stuffs.No doubt, i scolded him a fucker ( that the first foul word i knew in english ) and some other hokkien + cantonese foul words.

Suddenly, this chio bu i mentioned earlier on appear right infront of me.Well, i guess she knows one or two foul words from cantonese as well?wait.. did i mentioned i scolded that muthafucker a fucker?..yer..I didnt exactly scolded him, I YELLED AT HIM...

Guess wat?..She glared at me with her furtive eye and kept quiet.Worst,I was a sohai china-apek,i thought showing off how big my ego is a cool thing to do.I yelled even louder at that muthafucker and asked whether he was alright when he felt down ( i wanted to show off how macho i was )

However,teacher came in and did the name introducing game , when it was her turn to introduce herself,I gave all my attention just to get her name right.

"It is ur turn"the teacher said.

"Yes,my name is LY and im from Sekolah....XXX"

Sadly, I had to admit that how we get to know each other name....................not thru flirting or anything, and I never talked to her coz i was a stupid sohai shy fucked up china-apek.I think my image in her is kinda bad as well, i swear 24/7, my motto was no swearing no life, i made a mess in class, i fighted , i involved in all kind of stupid shit just to get LY's attention.Haplessly, it didnt work.

BUt, things started to change when im 16 after i get to know her best fren........

To be continued....

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Blogger Hamhamsupsup said...

sniff* how touching. some day ill write a story about how all the girls lost their virginity to the hamsup king

8:06 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

interesting story. damn lan 7 funny. don't ask me how i landed in your page. i don't know how either. cheers.

5:43 PM  
Anonymous mac said...

continue la

11:12 PM  
Blogger -[I LAN My World]- said...

hamhamsupsup: i will read it ahha

Julie: thanks ahahah...

Mac : coming soon....patient

11:36 PM  

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