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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gurls are mysterious,dont u agree?..part 1

Well,Ah Lan was difted away by heaps of tourble in life.That why recently all the post are so christianed.Sorry to those no no christian or religion people out there..DUI MU JUI!!


In my mind,i always try to predict what a person next move.Usually, the accuracy of my prediction is 98% but when comes to gurl .... i cant even understand what they are talking about most of the time.

Well, u cant blame me..i tried my very best just to understand what they are thinking in their mind.Even when im shitting in the toilet,watching porn,masturbating,fucking my girlfriend upside down,laning my friends,having sex with all the hot silais,pleasing my 2nd gurlfriend,having an orgasm with my sexy hot 19 year old pet-sister,diuing my 21year old hot physic teacher, my mind can never stop analyze what gurls said early on and it seem to give up most of the time.

When comes to answering question,gurls will give those subtle answer.

One day, i was disturbing water bottles for my group.

Ah Lan : Hey BimbO, do u want water ar?

Bimbo : Today,the weather very hot lar.Arent u thirsty , are you?

Ah Lan : Yeah, so do u want water?

Bimbo : No lar...dont want ...after u say i bolok ur stuffs and call me cheapskate..

Ah Lan : Oh fine then....For real, do u still want water?

Bimbo : It is okay,dont need lar.Keep it for urself, waterboy.

10 minutes later......


Ah lan : I thought u say dun want?

Bimbo : Where got?.. i say i want do u have water now?

Ah lan : NO AND FUCK U BITCH, I ASKED U TWICE...ANd fucking tell me dont want, now when i dun have water u fucking ask me lar...kan ni nia chee bye kia......If u are desperate for water u can sux my dick now and drink all the way from there...diu.

It is damn annoying, The 'no' in a gurl's mind could be YES or No or even MAYBE. The 'Maybe' could be Yes or No or even Maybe or even 'alot of things', again all the three words are vice versa in a gurl mind,it could be any combination.

No doubt,it will takes 1000 years for the guys to understand a gurl completely.If that the case, i have to tell u gurls frankly, there will be no mr. right guy or mr. perfect unless we guys can live up the age of 1000.So, stop dreaming for ur fucking dream guy or mr.right.However, let me tell u my exprience.So that u will believe my words are true.

Every evening, i will go over to seri hartamas or ss17 to lunch.Well,that a hot gurl who stay in my apartment have to go back to her college which is help institute around that time.Since i met her, she always asks me to give her a ride.As a gentleman, i never rejected her request but as time pass by, it seems like my daily routine to drive her to her college and every morning i will ask her whether she needs transport or not.....

Ah Lan : Do u want me to drive u to the college today?

Jessica : Maybe.

Ah Lan : So...Yes or no?

She will jogs away and leave me no answer..So that evening , i waited fo her.. and she turn up..that okay.

The next morning....

Ah Lan : Do u want me to drive u to the college today?

Jessica : MAybe.

Ah Lan : So yes or no.

This time......

Jessica : Dunno....maybe...

Niasing.. nvm..... i waited for her..........after 20 minutes she didnt turn up and i went to ss17 to lunch.When i reached there,my mobile phone rang...i took up..

Jessica : Ah LAN, pls come and fetch me now.. im late....

Ah Lan : Where are u?..

Jessica : Im in KlCC now.. i told u this morning wat.


Such a simple word like 'MAY Be' can mean alot of things in a gurl mind and they tend to expect us guys to understnad them...sigh...


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wah got lesen d ar...come ar lets go minum

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