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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Well,my exam is around the corner now, and my essay writting is kinda bad.Hence, im going to blog this article as an
exercise for my coming English exam but that doesnt mean it is a made-up,everything i have written here are all purely genuine
and real.
Isnt it nice to have someone that love u so much that she stuck to you only yet she is kinda of pretty?
Isnt it kind of bad to give a girl her first kiss yet u r not dating her?
Isnt it cruel to say some reallly caustic things to a girl that loves u so much to make her stop loving you?

Haplessly,i accidentaly put myself into this kind of situation and i wanted to scream..FUCK FUCK SHIT FUCK ( dont worry
my teacher will give me extra marks for swearing in the essay,BECAUSE IT IS HYPERBOLE ).The reason is my love for her is
excruciatingly unstable.Sometimes,it can reach a point that i dont even have any single tinge of feeling for her.At time, i
really love her,it usually occur when im fucking horny! and i want to fuck her like no tommorow! ROAR!!!
when im alone and im kinda miss her.......i dunno why,i like her long hair,her cute face,her height,her kinda flat chest,her pussy? i guess....
Oh yeah,her parents are fucking strict over her,she cant go here go there.Even going to a convenience store which is only 3 meters away,she
needs permission from her parents.

However, i got a few options here:

1)Since im fucking free,im gonna date her and fuck her like no tommorow and dump her...

2)Just date her seriously.

3)BLind date saja

4)Stay as friends,help her in everywhere..........
"this is kinda good..but..she doesnt want it..diu"


yeah,FUCK MY ENGLISH.. Im not going to give a shit
over my bad grammatical errors...FUCK FUCK SHIT FUCK

Due to my teacher's everyday 100-reason-why-you-should-show-ur-patriotism speech,i was inspired to show my love to Malaysia and be more patriotic.
Thus,I need to use the jargon of malaysian which is specially attributed to Malaysia.

PS:pls lar..correct my english okay?..i wanna score well for my engrish test


Blogger keiness said...

Ahahaha.. if ur love for her is unstable righhhht,u shld just be friends no matter what she wants.. cuz in the end itll hurt her more if ur with her when u dont love her truly.
*speaking from a girl's perspective anddd from experience*

4:52 PM  
Blogger Hamhamsupsup said...

haisheh. search for it , boy, SEARCH FOR IT, REACH OUT AND SEARCH FOR THE LOVING FEELING , BABEH. i know you know that i know you love her you bitch, its jsut that at times you try to deny it.

6:01 PM  
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