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Monday, May 22, 2006

Yeah,E-Mail writting,WTF?...yes,im doing it.

Im busy,screwed up all the papers i took.As far as i know,my "favourite" subject, Additional Math paper 1 scored an excellent score which consist only 20 marks out of 50 full marks.HOORAY FOR ME!.........In fact,dream of getting a distinction for add math seemed to be unreachable and it dift further as time pass on.Well,im happy enough with a D5 for addmath, that just adequate to exclude myself from the FAILS..

Enough of rants,the reason im blogging is to FUCKING practise my uber gayed EST essay.For some reason,i tend to be blanked whenever im asked to write an essay or article on a PAPER.Thus,im going to practise it over the net and no body is going to stop me!!! WAKAKAKA

There you goes,The uber gayed fucked up EST Essay."Write an email to THE CHEEbyES about "SOMETHING GAY" ."


Subject: I was told to write "something gay" to those cheebyes.

Dear SOhais,

It's been a year since we last met.How are you holding up in hell?Hope you still can withstand those punishment from GOD.(TAI SEI!!!! WAKKAKA).I wonder what you are doing at this time,still masturbate alot?..Let me guess, u WAnted to yet u cant because god will circumsize ur dick again and again each time u masturbate.Well,excessive masturbation will cause premature ejaculation,soft erection.

I remember you always liked to watch heaps of porno with MAHAI_JAMES at his house.I always wondered whether you guys had ever "backdoor" each other.I really hope u didnt because JAmes is having a skirmish with her latino gurlfriend,MONICA.As you know,they always held their skirmishs on the bed which is good.IT wasnt untill one day MoNICA complaint that JAmes is too good in Anal sex and she suspected you had an anal sex with him.Well,that your problem,im just write to you for sake of my est essay.Dont you dare come to me and ask me for help,i will give a nice nipple enlargement as your present for visiting me.SO, FUCK OFF.

Things sure felt a little different since you left.For one,i have to abduct your dog to get your bank account number to pay for my yumcha ,tong ball,tiu kai,papaya farm and condom bills.I really miss those days you pay for my bills.Now, i have to use your saving to pay for my bills.

AS for me,im really fucking tried now..i need to take cheebye nap.Well,im going to write to you whenever i have the urge to practise my letter writting skills for the upcoming examination.


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